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The 2011 Z-100 Retrospective

The 2011 Z-100 Retrospective
(2 DVD set)
This is a double DVD set! Disc #1 is 2 hours 20 minutes, and Disc # 2 is 2 hours even. This retrospective traces many of the most memorable moments at WHTZ New York from 1983 through 1993 with a bonus of the 1998 15th Anniversary on-air reunion. A major radio collectors edition video ideal for anyone whoever worked at or listened to New York's Legendary Z-100!



NYC Radio: 9-11
NYC Radio: 9-11 $18


Audio Airchecks

XM Radio: Final Shows
When XM was taken over by Sirius, a number of beloved personalities were let go, but we got their final program digitally recorded and transferred to sets of multiple CD's.

Country Dan Dixon: 3 CD Set $15
Matt the Cat: 3 CD Set $15
Pat Clarke: 3 CD Set $15
Ken Smith: 2 CD Set $15
Cousin Brucie's 1st Show on Sirius Satellite
A 3 CD set
WCBS-FM Radio Reunion:  6 CD set $20
History of Detroit Radio $25
Scott Muni Tribute $12
New York City Radio - The 60's $15
Windy City Airchecks: The Tim Benko Collection
October 1973 through March 1989

Please type in the name of the DJ and the number of the tape (aircheck).
$5 each
XM 60's Station Tributes
WKYC Cleveland
WCFL #1 Chicago
WCFL #2 Chicago
WPOP Hartford
WMEX Boston
WAYS CharlotteeTapeK St. Louis
KXOK #2 St. Louis
WKNR Detroit
KQV #1 Pittsburgh
KQV #2 Pittsburgh
KQV #3 Pittsburgh
WLCY Tampa
WLCY #2 Tampa
WALT Tampa
WFUN Miami
KWOD Sacramento
WCAO Baltimore
WIBG Philadelphia
WKKO Cocoa Beach
KOMA Oklahoma City
WNDR Syracuse
WIFE #1 Indianapolis
WIFE #2 Indianapolis
KISN Portland, OR
KYA San Francisco
WKIX Raleigh, NC
WKLO Louisville
WAKY Louisville
WFIL Philadelphia
WFIL #2 Philadelphia
KHJ Los Angeles
WLEE Richmond, VA
   Washington DC!
WTIX New Orleans
WIXY#1 Cleveland
WIXY#2 Cleveland
WHB Kansas City
WHBQ Memphis
KJR Seattle
KFWB Los Angeles
KLIF Dallas
KILT Houston
KELP El Paso
KOIL Omaha
WROV Roamoke
WOLF Syacuse
KOMA #2 OK City
WING Dayton
KFJZ Fort Worth
WSGN Birmingham
KIMN Denver


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Best Of:
Vuolo Video Air-Chex: Volume 4 $25
Vuolo Video Air-Chex: Volume 6 $25
Vuolo Video Air-Chex: Volume 8 $25
Made for the 1999 R&R Convetion:
21 Years of Vuolo Video Air-Chex
The Best of Bob & Tom $15


When ordering, please include your phone number!
WCBN (U-M) 40 Year Founders Reunion
2-DVD set includes UM vs U-Mass game!
The 2010 Final Motor City Radio Reunion
Last of 4 such events...featuring tributes to Dick Purtan, Sonny Eliot, Specs Howard, Robin Seymour, and Ernie Harwell.  A true radio collectible!!


WGRD Grand Rapids 2010 Reunion
August 6th & 7th, 2010
The Radio Greats Weekend at The Breeze
(Jersey Shore 107.1 & 99.7 FM)
This is a TWO DVD set!
July 21-22, 2007
The WLS Big 89 REWIND I  5-28-07. $20
2005 Detroit Radio Reunion September 24th, 2005 $20
WOMC Detroit Radio Reunion SpecialSept 23rd, 2005 $20
66WNBC/WYNY Reunion from 2004 in New York $20
Historic WLS 25th Chicago Anniversary 1985 $25
The First WNIC/CKLW Detroit Reunion 1985 $20
WKBW Buffalo Danny Neverth 25th Anniversary "KB" Reunion from November of 1986 $20
WCZY Z-95.5 Rock Jock Reunion 1988 Detroit $20
WIXY 1260 Cleveland Reunion (at WMJI) 1988 $20
Incredible KDWB 35th Anniversary Reunion 1994 $20
WLS Chicago Amazing Alumni Reunion 1997 $20
Detroit Radio Reunion 1998 (WOMC/WNIC)
which was videotaped at both stations!
Detroit Radio Reunion 1998 
Actual Party with 400+ guests at Novi Hilton Hotel

Radio Convention & Seminar Videos
Many interesting, informative and entertaining panels and sessions from various industry confabs are available. Each DVD is only $15 plus $3 shipping and handling. Just fill in the name of the conference along with the year. Then type in the name of the session requested.
Be sure to include your phone number when ordering.

Name of Event:  

Name of Session:
Country Radio Seminar WCRS-TV Video
 $20 1999

Morning Show Boot Camp TV Channel


Conclave KLAV-TV Hotel Video Channel


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Radio Dream Lunch Video!
The annual Radio Dream Lunch in LA which hosts some of radios biggest names is available on DVD! The disc has the edited version done for YouTube PLUS the uncut, unedited, raw stock footage representing the "directors cut"! This 2 hour DVD is available for the insane price of just $12 plus $4 ship & hand. Order it today before I come to my senses! A real keeper!


Crazy Al & Larry Matthews: The Final Chapter
This 76 minute DVD features hi-lites of their last Internet radio show on WVSN Detroit/ Pontiac, MI.


Father Larry Delaney's 40th Anniversary
Video from St. Jude's Church when Father Larry celebrated 40 years of the priesthood. 
It is followed by the reception and party at St. Francis Retreat Center in DeWitt, MI

Legendary DJ's
Inducted at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH 1998. Includes press conference too!
An amazing slice of real radio history.
Vuolo Video is the only source for this footage!
Even the RRHOF didn't tape it. They got it from us.
Legends of CHR panel at the 1998 R&R Convention
A "mega-panel" with 40 radio greats like: Dick Clark, Gary Owens, Bill Drake, Paul Drew, Bill Hennes, Charlie Tuna, John Rook, and many more!
Moderated by Dave Robbins
Randy Michaels Unplugged at the 1999 R&R
A classic "one-man show" session plus, as a bonus The R&R Group Heads Panel: with guests Ken O'Keefe, Larry Wilson, Lew Dickey, Jeff Warshaw, and, of course, Randy Michaels in his C.C. days!
The 1993 Bobby Poe Convention - a classic!
If you never attended a Poe, or never missed one this video will show you what really took place!
Two exceptional keynotes from the 1999 Conclave - Superb! MN Gov. Jesse Ventura and ABC/WJR personality Mitch Albom. $15
Detroit Radio: The Second 30 Years (1988)
A 60 minute video version of The History of Detroit
Radio made for the 1988 Reunion (hundreds of clips!)


When ordering, please include your phone number!

DJ Tributes & Legendary Personalities
Larry Lujack Memorial Video
One of radio most admired, creative and iconic personalities, Larry Lujack died on December 18, 2013. This is the full-version of a 13 minute video posted on YouTube. It's 73 minutes, matching the number of years he lived. Ironically, in amateur radio terms 73 means "signing-off or goodbye." This tribute contains dozens of priceless moments from Larry's phenomenal career. 25% from each DVD ordered will go to Larry's favorite charity
The Rosalie Trombley Tribute
On June 14, 2011 an event was held at St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario to pay tribute to "The Lady with the Golden Ear," Rosalie Trombley. She was the famous music director at CKLW during the Big 8 era. If she played it, it became a hit record! Tony Orlando was there in person and lots of pre-recorded kudos. A true piece of radio history. 106 minutes
Kidd Kraddick Memorial Video
When beloved Dallas-based personality Kidd Kraddick died suddenly, it was a shock to his many fans and the entire radio industry. I produced a special 17 minute tribute to his memory. The profits from that DVD are being donated to his foundation Kidd's Kids.
Phlash Phelps at XM Profile
This is an entertaining "behind the scenes" look at one of XM's hottest personalities, Phlash Phelps. 
Memories OF WCBS-FM
This is a video collection of ALL of the footage shot at WCBS-FM between 1987 and 1997.  
Bobby Poe's 25th Anniversary
A composite video of a quarter century of truly outrageous Poe Conventions!
JP McCarthy Tribute (WJR Detroit)
Made after his untimely death 8-16-95 and shown at the Radio Hall of Fame's 75th Anniversary!
Jeff & Jer (San Diego) Profile 
made for the 1995 Morning Show Boot Camp!
Byron MacGregor (CKLW 20/20 News)
Made after his untimely death 1-4-95 for the MBC in Chicago and the Radio Hall of Fame
Rick Sklar Tribute (WABC PD New York)
Also made after his untimely death for the MBC in Chicago and the Radio Hall of Fame
Gordon McLendon Tribute (KLIF Dallas)
Made for the MBC in Chicago and the Radio Hall of Fame.  McLendon died on 9-14-86
Legendary Personalities: Steve & Gary
Actual in studio and on remote broadcasts.
Legendary Personalities: The Real Don Steele
The epitome of energy on afternoon drive radio.
Legendary Personalities: Robert W. Morgan
One of radio's great personalities who woke up southern California for many years.
Legendary Personalities: Wolfman Jack
First, a very rare look at a remote from the Opryland Hotel studio of WSM-AM in Nashville doing country and interviewing country artists & second, with PD Rich "Brother" Robbin and Shotgun Tom Kelly
Legendary Personalities: Philadelphia Greats
A stunning line-up of some of the greatest jocks ever on Philadelphia radio including: Hy Lit, Joe Niagara, Jerry Blavat, Jerry Stevens & a clip of Harvey Holiday from the Summer of 1992!

Aircheck 1-10
Aircheck 11-20
Aircheck 21-30
Aircheck 31-40


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Pick Team and Year

Indicate Team & Year
Football Video $18.00

Indicate Team & Year

   Football Audio $12.00

2013 UM vs Northwestern Combo  This Triple Overtime Thriller has radio audio and is packaged with (as a bonus) The BTN Documentary "Tie-Breaker" about the 1973 UM-OSU 10-10 tie controversy! $20


Get Jim Harbaugh's Entire 1st Season U of M Football
Get ALL the games, edited with radio audio & pre & post game extras, GREAT PACKAGE...GREAT PRICE! Individually games are@ $18 + $4 ship & hand add up to $264 This special offer for all 11 games is ONLY $150 which includes shipping fees.



The Big 35th Reunion of the 1980 UM Team!
The event took place on 9-25-15 in Ann Arbor and was a truly memorable night. This DVD is now available for immediate shipping and reasonably priced. Enjoy all of the memories! Runs 2 hours and 4 minutes, wide screen.

2013 UM vs. Notre Dame
Historic final game of this rivalry on 2 DVDs with all of the extras, tons of video not seen on TV. Radio audio for the game. The halftime show, pre- game celebrations and post game highlights!
2013 UM-Notre Dame plus CMU
Special combo features double DVD of the huge win over Notre Dame PLUS the Team 134 opener with Central Michigan and the creative halftime show! Only $5 more. Total of 3 DVD's!
Priced for a great combo deal!
2012 WCBN (U-M) 40 Year Founders Reunion
2-DVD set includes UM vs U-Mass game!
2011 U of M vs Ohio State
Incredible 2011 UM vs. Ohio State Game (2 DVD set) featuring lots of extras! A highly produced keeper.
2011 U of M vs Ohio State
& U of M vs Nebraska
(with Lloyd Carr tribute) together in a combo (total of 3 DVD's)
2011 U of M vs Notre Dame
Featuring lots of exciting pre-game activities including the Desmond Howard Legends presentation, in-booth video of announcer Carl Grapentine and lots of exciting post-game video.  This is an historic super keeper...our best ever!
2011 U of M vs Western Michigan
(The Rain Game)
A highly produced historic DVD with lots of creative "rain songs" and behind the scenes action at The Big House!
2011 UM vs ND & UM vs WM

Get them both for only $30.  Truly a great deal to mark the start of the Brady Hoke era at Michigan!
2009 Victors Rally
The Bo Schembechler Years, The Gary Moeller Years and the Lloyd Carr Years
All the good stuff on one 57 minute DVD!
Capital One Bowl 1/1/08
Huge Michigan Win! Lloyd Carr's final game and a win over Tim Tebow in the Gators ever.
TV Video with Radio Audio
TV News Coverage of Bo Schembechler
Extensive Television News coverage after the passing of Bo.  A real collectable DVD for any Michigan football fan!
AL RENFREW Memorial & Tribute
An upbeat service held on 12-6-14 followed by a wonderful Celebration of Life at the UM Junge Center with many wildly entertaining stories about the former hockey player, coach and longtime ticket manager at the U of M. A must have!
Rose Bowl 2014 with MSU vs. Stanford 
Wide-screen from HD nicely produced with radio audio from George Blaha and Jason Strayhorn! On 2 DVD's in a snap-close case. A real "keeper" for all Spartan fans.
 NEW 2015 Big Ten Championship: MSU & Iowa
In Indianapolis with a big State victory over The Hawkeyes! Nicely produced with MSU music, radio audio and creative editing. A real keeper. Dec. 5, 2015.
Big Ten Championship Game: MSU & Ohio State
In Indianapolis with a big State victory over The Buckeyes! Highly produced with MSU music, radio audio and creative editing. One for the ages. Dec. 7, 2013


Roasts & Tributes


Ron Kramer, Don Lund, Tirril Burton & Jerry Hanlon, Al Renfrew, Sonny Eliot and Al Ackerman





IMPORTANT NOTICE: There are many other Michigan games listed. Go to the home page. Just click on UM FOOTBALL and you will see what is available. All videos are made on DVD from Beta masters (early years 1970's through mid-1990's) the everything was made on digital video tape to DVD with clean quality. The videos listed above a some of the more memorable and special games which fans like you should have in your personal collection. Remember this is a non-profit service.


Indicate Team & Year

Basketball Audio $12.00

Indicate Team & Year

Basketball Video $18.00

$4 shipping charge per item will be added.

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