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Art Vuolo
Art Vuolo with the iconic Shotgun Tom Kelly - Hollywood Walk of Fame star!
May 2013
Art Vuolo Jr.
"Radio's Best Friend"

In 1977 Art Vuolo saw a B&W " videotape of a color 8mm film taken by the legendary San Diego personality, Shotgun Tom Kelly. The film, which was actually a "video presentation" for KFMB-FM "B-100," was shot in 1976. Vuolo was dazzled. He thought "Wow . . . a video aircheck, what a concept." This offered a chance for people to SEE what goes on in a radio studio while air personalities are actually on-the-air! That did it.

Back in April of 1978 Art borrowed a crude early edition color TV camera, hooked into an industrial Sony Beta deck with BI speed only and taped his first video aircheck at Indianapolis' legendary Top 40 radio station 13/WIFE. Similar to the B-100 video, the WIFE tape was a video tour of the station featuring key employees and all of the various jocks actually on-the-air. It included: Danny McGuire in the Morning (aka Ron Fraiser), Steve "Super Cooper", Diane Shannon, Thom Christy and Jerry Steele.

It was the beginning of an era. It was the start of Vuolo Video Air-Chex. Now it's easy to order as many as you want on Art Vuolo's Video Air-Chex website. 

This site includes many sensational "moments" in radio history both on audio and videotape. 

Enjoy your visit and I hope you find something you would like to have in your personal collection.

Read Art's R&R Profile!

What's New

Radio Dream Lunch Video!

The annual Radio Dream Lunch in LA which hosts some of radios biggest names is available on DVD! The disc has the edited version done for YouTube PLUS the uncut, unedited, raw stock footage representing the "directors cut"! This 2 hour DVD is available for the insane price of just $12 plus $4 ship & hand. Order it today before I come to my senses! 

(Click here to order)

AL RENFREW Memorial & Tribute

An upbeat service held on 12-6-14 followed by a wonderful Celebration of Life. Many wildly entertaining stories about the former hockey player, coach and longtime ticket manager at the U of M. Profits from this DVD will be donated to Coach Red Berenson for the UM Hockey Scholarship Fund in Al Renfrew's name!

(Click here to order)

Memorial Tribute to Super Jock Larry Lujack
WCFL and WLS Chicago

Watch it here:

To order the LARRY LUJACK TRIBUTE on the ORDER page. Scroll down to the category of Tributes and Legendary Personalities & DJ's. Click here to ORDER.


Kidd Kraddick Memorial Tribute With ALL profits going to his Kidd's Kid's Foundation
Order your DVD copy - click here

When beloved Dallas-based personality Kidd Kraddick died suddenly, it was a shock to his many fans and the entire radio industry. I produced a special 17 minute tribute to his memory. The profits from that DVD are being donated to his foundation "Kidd's Kids." It's available on the ORDER page.


A Ten Year Retrospective

On February 26, 2011 Mike Donnelly, VP Sales at Katz Radio in New York orchestrated a phenomenal reunion of Z-100 alumni from both the early years when it first signed on (August 2, 1983) to the Z-100 of today.  WHTZ made radio history in a manner that may never again be repeated when it went from "Worst to First" in the New York radio ratings in a quick 74 days!  To help celebrate this event and to pay homage to this incredible radio station, Art Vuolo poured over 60 hours into finding every clip he shot on video from 1983 to 1993, plus a special on-air reunion in 1998 to celebrate the stations 15th Anniversary!  This video is a two-DVD double-disc set (totaling 4 hours and 20 minutes) in a snap close plastic case with the original Z-100 logo on the cover.  It is being made available to anyone who ever worked there, listened to Z-100 or just loved and respected the dynasty created back in the summer of 1983 by Scott Shannon.  You can click below and see a video preview, view the complete contents of both DVD discs and how to order your own copy of this collectors edition video. 


Before even seeing the video, but after reviewing the index listing of what's on it, Scott Shannon said " Art, Oh My God!  You always tell me that your latest is your best ever!!!!  But, this time you might actually be right, this thing looks absolutely awesome!"

Complete index of what is on the two DVD's (click here)

Order a copy of the double disc set (click here)


You can SEE a brief preview of this 4 hour 20 minute double DVD Retrospective by searching on YouTube for Z-100 Retro Preview or using this link:


The latest additions and updates.

  • AL RENFREW Memorial & Tribute - An upbeat service held on 12-6-14 followed by a wonderful Celebration of Life at the UM Junge Center with many wildly entertaining stories about the former hockey player, coach and longtime ticket manager at the U of M. (Click here to order)
  • Own a unique piece of KDKA Radio history (Click here)
  • Radio Greats Weekend at The Breeze! (click on Reunions)
  • The WLS Rewind from Memorial Day 2007 & 2008 (see order page)
  • KLAV-TV [The final Chapter] (2.5 hours) from the 2010 Conclave in Minneapolis
  • New York City Radio: The Sixties (audio)
  • NYC Radio 9/11 (video)
  • Latest YouTube radio videos [use this link]

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